The Anonymous Us Project is a safety zone for real and honest insights regarding third party reproduction (sperm & egg donation, and surrogacy). We aim to share the experiences of people whose lives have been affected by third party reproduction while preserving the dignity and privacy for story-tellers and their loved ones.

All stories are contributed anonymously because "anonymity in reproduction hides the truth, but anonymity in story-telling helps reveal the truth."

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Please stop saying Mother/Father

I’ve read several of the stories on here and I’m a bit disturbed about something- it’s something that I see on other sites, too: the misuse of the word ‘father’ and ‘mother’. Your father is not the man that donated sperm. Your mother is not the woman that donated her eggs. The definitions of these roles have nothing to do with genetics. Donors are just that: people that gave something to help create you. But that’s when their ties to you stop. The people that were there when you were born, raised- that’s your mother/father/family. Genetics really don’t matter in…

Re: pregnant and scared with donor baby

I wanted to respond to your post about being scared as a new mom with a donor baby. I am a mom with a baby from an egg donor. I had similar fears. Some fears I had when I became pregnant: I wanted a girl and ended up having a baby boy. I was worried my baby would have the egg donor’s eye color (the donor’s eye color is different from my husband and myself). Sure enough, my son has the egg donor’s eye color. I was worried my negative, judgement in laws would judge me even more and be…

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