RE: Deep thoughts for the donor conceived

Submitted on: October 25, 2014

Quite frankly, you are the reason why sperm and egg selling scares me. Its extremely disconcerting that there are children out there product of a mother who doesn’t have a clear idea of what she’s doing, let alone, how human reproduction works.

In donating sperm and egg, no you are not donating one single cell to a another human’s body. You’re co-creating a person with a reproductive partner, meaning you are co-creating all the cells in another person’s body. You are co-creating a life, (you cannot donate a life). You are mothering another person, who is biologically considered your offspring (synonymously your children). You can donate a kidney or a liver, but those bodily origins do not determine your half-brothers, half-sisters and your entire maternal heritage. Hopefully you understand that, hopefully. Kidney and liver transplants do not influence your personality, your interest, or even your physical features, they also do not determine your lineage and ancestry.

You are not donating a single cell to another person. There is no such reason for a donation of singled cells to other persons to even exist. The human body generates billions of new cells every second. You’re selling your children off to strangers before they are even conceived, you’re commercializing their existing, and stripping them from their humanity, in exchange for profit.

Do not presume to tell the victims of this practice that they shouldn’t be looking for their mothers and fathers, in an effort to excuse your thoughtless actions. They have every right to know their relatives, just as much as you will feel you have the right to know the descendants that you personally want to keep and raise.

Good day.