Response to: “Understanding the Infertile Perspective”

Submitted on: November 5, 2014

There is a big difference between the ‘donor’ conceived and the ‘infertile’ (which also means social ‘infertile’) perspective and reality. No one INTENTIONALLY creates your (social) ‘infertility’. There are no public, social, market, institutions that are INTENTIONALLY responsible for your (social) ‘infertility’. Children are not band-aids for (social) ‘infertility’. They are autonomous human beings with equal dignity. So called ‘donor’ conception is an affront to their and everyones human dignity. Don’t pass on your perceived sense of loss so tangibly on to others. Advice such as, ‘just deal with it’, ‘make the best of it’, ‘count your blessings’, ‘I understand and empathize but it is what it is’ etc. that’s given to the ‘donor’ conceived should apply to the (social) ‘infertile’, pre-conception. The (social) ‘infertile’ and the ‘donor’ conceived are not on equal ground. Don’t INTENTIONALLY pass on the loss in the first place. It’s simply wrong.