To Adoptee vs donor child

Submitted on: November 6, 2014

You are looking into egg donation – that means you are looking into financially underwriting or requesting that a woman abandon her biological child or children without allowing those children the bare minimum due process of a court approved adoption where their bio mother would stand up and identify herself and have to explain the reason why she was not going to raise her own offspring and face scrutiny as to whether she was profiting from not raising her offspring herself. You are looking into obtaining another person’s child to raise off the record and out of court – obtaining custody of them so early as to conceal the adoptive nature of your relationship by having paid their mother to experience her pregnancy for her so that nobody would be aware that they are her offspring. The contract you’d have her sign would have clauses in it which require her to abandon her parental responsibilities for her children once they are born.

It’s just a well concealed government sanctioned black market adoption – the government agrees to look the other way and not prosecute women for maternity fraud because its such big business and gives wealthy and upper middle class people children to raise which infuses the economy with money and so on and so forth. The person whose identity is stolen has to play the role of someone they are not because their absent parent promised that their child would perform in the role of forever child to people who wanted one. But they had to take away their identifying papers and sequester them from bio family or they’d walk away at 18 and reclaim their identity. Its horrid. In legal adoption the point is to provide a minor with a family to raise them when there is no alternative for their own good they are not supposed to be adopted out as a service to people who really want to raise kids.