Call me Nanny

Submitted on: September 25, 2018

I only discovered this month, July, 2018, that when my daughter was 23 (1994) she sold her eggs to (probably) a fertility lab in New York City. She was a grad student at the time. When I inadvertently found this out, I was stunned, then sad, then actually grief struck as if someone had died – whereas someone was born, perhaps a number of someones. She would not tell me how many eggs were retrieved, if this is the correct question. She did not want to discuss it. but I cannot stop thinking that I could have grandchildren, a girl, a boy, even twins as I was a twin. My daughter was an anonymous donor and signed an agreement which I presume to be legally binding. But I did not sign anything, nor did the donor grandchildren. I want to find out if I do have grandchildren I have not yet met. I do not live in New York. If I did I would be constantly looking for someone who resembles my (so-far) only grandchild or my daughter or me. I would want to know and love that person, or persons. I find myself obsessing over this. If I knew a way to find you, I would, but I do not know how to do this.