The Anonymous Us Project is a safety zone for real and honest insights regarding third party reproduction (sperm & egg donation, and surrogacy). We aim to share the experiences of people whose lives have been affected by third party reproduction while preserving the dignity and privacy for story-tellers and their loved ones.

All stories are contributed anonymously because "anonymity in reproduction hides the truth, but anonymity in story-telling helps reveal the truth."

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Featured Stories

D-baby—a new Australian play about donor conception

Australian playwright Jane Cafarella (author of e-baby, about the relationship between an intended parent and the surrogate she hires in the US) has a new play in development – d-baby –  which answers the question raised in e-baby: “But what about the child?” d-baby is the story of a 17-year-old-girl who discovers she is donor conceived and sets out to search for her donor.  It is the companion piece to e-baby and a stand-alone piece, not a sequel. The play currently is in development and has the support of a director, but is looking for a producer – and an audience. d-baby is a mythic  tale about the universal search for…

A letter addressed to my “Father”

Dear Dad or should I call you my biological father, Well, whatever I am supposed to be calling you, hello. The last time I tried to write to you was when I was 9, but my mother chose to keep the handwritten letter for herself. Thank you for bringing the gift of my life into the world, but realize that it comes with stipulations. All I have ever wanted was love, Dad. I’ve only wanted one thing in this life that I have been missing: paternal love. The bond between a father and his daughter that shows her the way…

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