The Anonymous Us Project is a safety zone for real and honest insights regarding third party reproduction (sperm & egg donation, and surrogacy). We aim to share the experiences of people whose lives have been affected by third party reproduction while preserving the dignity and privacy for story-tellers and their loved ones.

All stories are contributed anonymously because "anonymity in reproduction hides the truth, but anonymity in story-telling helps reveal the truth."

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Featured Stories

My story

I’m 41 & female. When I was 26, my mother told me I was donor conceived. I had just moved with my husband from my home state of Minnesota to Idaho. The reason for the move was that my parents had just divorced, and my mother had moved to Idaho to be near family, and we went too because my mom & I are and have always been very close. I couldn’t help but note that this revelation came once they had divorced & were not getting along at all. Clearly, her decision to tell me stemmed from a place…

No One Thought of the Children

I was a donor in college. I was poor, struggling, and 19. When I first considered becoming a donor, I had moral reservations even though I did not have religious upbringing. I asked my parents and other family members and some close friends. No one expressed the concern that anonymous IVF was immoral. So, I swallowed this uncomfortable feeling and justified my “earning” $30 per donation with platitudes that I would be helping to conceive a child who will be loved in this world. In this world, where there are so many unwanted pregnancies, I would be helping couples to…

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