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The Anonymous Us Project is an online story collective on reproductive technology and family separation themes.

Much as those conceived through anonymous sperm and egg donation cannot know the truth of their origins, readers of this site must read the stories not knowing the names of the authors or, ultimately, their veracity. Readers may feel frustration, anger, joy, solace, appreciation, confusion, and more. As an online art project, we seek to engage with emotion. Neither we nor anyone else can predict where the project will lead.

Participating authors are responsible for their own words. They should not use identifying details about themselves or others in their stories. We will post all stories from all points of view that appear to be submitted in good faith. We may edit stories if needed.

Participating authors must be 18 years of age or older. By clicking “I agree” below you are affirming that you are 18 years of age or older.

Stories posted here will be available on a public website. Authors should be aware that readers may refer to, link to, quote from, or cite your story. As project organizers, we may read the stories aloud on podcasts, link to them on blogs, refer to them in print, or collect and reprint them in a book, article, or other written, online, or audio-visual presentation. By posting your story here you are agreeing to these uses.

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