Faking It

Submitted on: February 6, 2019

My parents were honest about my donor conception and I didn’t think about it much. What shattered me was their deception about divorce. They filed for divorce when I was only 5. But my brother, sister, and I had to pretend that they were married if any out of town visitors asked, like my grandmother. Oh, and they had to pretend to my dad’s boss that they were still married for fear that he would lose all authority and clout (and possibly get fired) if his big boss knew that he was divorced. But truth has a way of getting out, even if people try to hide it. That’s why you should be honest about everything, including donor conception. My dad did get fired, and my mom lost her job both with a related, religious-based organization. They said she couldn’t go around lying that she was a faithful evangelical if she was divorced. She tried to lie on an out of town trip that she was a good evangelical, but she was caught. Everyone laughed at her.