I am Alive

Submitted on: May 27, 2019

Without sperm donation, I would not be here, and my sister would not be here. I would NOT be alive. My parents told me when I was 18 that I was donor conceived. When they told me, I was incredibly shocked, but I realize that without my sperm donor I would not be here. After the initial shock went away things went back to normal in our house. My dad is still MY DAD! I am not a victim because I am donor conceived. I am alive because I was donor conceived. My mom and dad were put in a horrible situation, and I am so thankful that they choose this route. I am also grateful to the man who donated his sperm. His donation is the reason I am here and the reason I have my family. I felt I needed to post this here because I came to this site to relate to people but in the end felt that my parents, my sister, my donor, and I were being bashed. If your donor never donated or your parents did not use a donor you would NOT be here. Of course, we all have a different experience, and I believe it is how our parents approach the situation, but you would not have something to be upset about if it wasn’t for the donation. In conclusion, I am a donor-conceived person who is extremely happy to be alive and even happier with the family I was given. I urge any parent who is struggling with fertility and thinks a sperm donor is right for them to do it. Sperm donation is not horrible as people make it out to I know this because I can think for two good things that came from it.