i found my bio mom and couldn’t be happier

Submitted on: January 17, 2020

Almost five months ago now I found my bio mom on ancestrydna.com. I messaged her and immediately went from years of pain and wondering (from my strong belief that I would never know her or anything about her) to anxiety that she’d never see, read, or respond to my message. But she did and we have been in contact ever since. It still feels so surreal that if I woke up tomorrow and it was all a dream, I wouldn’t question that though I would be pretty sad. She has been so open to answering my questions and sharing information about herself and my biological family. She is wonderful and I’m so happy that I come from her. I know that this is rare for a dc person, to find and start a healthy relationship with their bio parent, but it happened to me and I want to share my happiness, as well as hope that maybe other dc people might feel the same happiness one day. I still feel a lot of anger and sadness about the circumstances of my conception, and all of the psychological hurt I endured (and still endure) but by some miracle I got what I wanted, and I am so so grateful that my bio mom was and is open to having a relationship with me.