IVF (Egg Donor Conceived)

Submitted on: August 16, 2017

1st and foremost I’m blessed to have been born, God Willing above all; Through IVF. I am egg donor conceived. Male. I found out when I was 16… now in my mid 20’s. Years and years later I still wonder and ponder, “who is my REAL Mother”… where is she? Is she even alive? Would she accept me for who I am? My current Mother… well growing up never accepted me… or even really cared to grow a bond with me (favortizes my 3 sisters; yes I’m a Quadruplet). It makes sense why now. There is a massive dIsconnection due to IVF. My relationship with my father has always been the greater of the two. I wish to one day meet her. Talk with her, even if it’s for 5 minutes. You know who you are…

God has blessed my wife & I in being able to have children naturally, and it has been the most wonderful experience so far. I WILL give my children what I never had growing up and still am suffering with. Hurt. Wounds. Depression. Anxiety. And the “unknown” of my identity.

DONORS… God provides for everyone. And if a couple can’t have children, well that’s His Will. Donating sperm or eggs is easy cash… but will pay out a major consequence mentally in your future, as well as the donor conceived child / children. Yes I may have been born through IVF, but do not agree with the process of IVF.

~~~God Bless~~~