Just figured out my uncle is actually my father, and my mother is my aunt

Submitted on: February 15, 2015

I’m female and 16-ish. I have gay moms (well had, they’re divorced and remarried, but they’re still cool and all). They wanted to basically pretend (in a sense?) they had a biological child together since it’s impossible for gay couples to have kids. So they asked my uncle (father?) for sperm and he donated. I always knew I came from donated sperm, but I thought (hoped) it was some stranger or something , so then I could find him, meet him, and seek him for mentorship from him in my college years. And it can be like when adoptees meet their birth parents. I had no idea it was a relative. When I asked my mom for info about my donor, she said it was. It feels weird and incestuous and NOT cool. My mom tried to make it seem “cool” but it just seems wrong and gross. Who the hell does this? Just ew. How could he just pretend I wasn’t his? We have family reunions and stuff, and he just calls me “niece”. I’m his daughter. How can people just pretend their kids aren’t theirs when they decide they don’t want them? Is that how it works now? ‘Oh I got some half-babies left, let me just give them away to this person’. What the hell!

For all you complainers, at least your donor didn’t just flaunt around in your life and pretend he wasn’t your dad. At least he didn’t spoil his daughters, and post pictures of them on Facebook, but not show up to your graduations and school functions and Father’s Day because he’s basically disowned you to make his sister happy. “The people who want you are your parents” is just bullshit. It’s just shit people say so they can have an excuse to give away their children. You can’t just decide you want to raise some of your kids, and donate the others. What the fuck? What about me?

I feel like a freak show, and I don’t hate gays, I loved my moms and I appreciate they wanted me, but if they loved me why the hell didn’t they consider how I felt about all this stuff? Are there any other Cryo babies from gay people who feel like a freak? I don’t know anyone else who has lesbian parents or donor sperm. It’s very lonely.