@kids who have gay moms on this site, just like me!

Submitted on: February 15, 2015

Thanks, thank you thank you so so sooo much for sharing your stories. I’m the girl with the uncle who’s actually my dad. I just posted my story. I honestly thought I was the only girl of two moms in the universe that kinda sorta wanted a dad… It’s been painful but i haven’t told anyone like not even my bestie.

I don’t tell anyone about this cos I don’t want anyone thinking that gay people are bad parents or that my moms are bad parents. People don’t understand… They just don’t understand how complicated things are at home. My moms are awesome, and it’s not their fault they’re gay. They can’t help it. I mean why would anyone ‘choose’ that? It’s stupid for people to think that people ‘choose’ to be gay, and gay is a choice. It’s totally not.

I feel bad for them sometimes. The anti-gay bigots don’t want them to be happy and get married, and my grandparents reject them and think their marriage is wrong, and they’re going to hell (but I guess it doesn’t matter now because they’re divorced and they have new partners), It’s so sooo unfair. If I have a gay child, I would love them so so much, and I would protect them from bullies and bigots. All my moms want is to have a baby, and have a biological family like everyone else. So I always thought what a terrible bitch (yes bitch) I am to destroy their happiness too, because I wished I just had a dad in my life and not a donor fake uncle. You have no idea how lonely and guilty I feel about this, but maybe you do? I feel like a bad child, especially when I look on TV and I see the good kids of gay parents say they have the perfect family and they don’t need a mom or dad, but you’re all like ‘but I want a dad…sometimes?’

Thank GOD for this site. It’s so nice to have a a safe place to talk about these heavy things…