Do Not Seek Info

Submitted on: January 5, 2017

Short story. I was raised by lesbians, etc. Never really bugged me. Never wanted to meet my “real” dad. I stumbled on this site and was shocked to discover that like 80% of sperm donor kids want to meet their real dad. I still don’t really get why. I think that’s strange. Do you think he has answers for you? Will he tell you who you are?

I never wanted to have anything to do with my dad. I was afraid that if I found out about him, he wouldn’t be nearly as cool as the people who raised me, or as cool as me. I didn’t want to be disappointed. One day I saw a news article about this total douche who contaminated sperm samples around the time I was born. Smart dude, but mentally unstable and an unethical fruitcake.

I thought it was funny, did some digging. Guess who is very likely my dad?? Fuck my life. As soon as I began to realize that this dude was probably my dad, I immediately shut the webpage, deleted my search history, ran around the block and did an active meditation to clear all the info from my mind so I would forget. But I can’t unlearn the info. Now that ass-hat is in my brain, and I never wanted to know.

So here’s my retort to all the people who want to “find their dad”: DO NOT GO DIGGING!! LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE