PLEASE, Just adopt a child in need

Submitted on: September 17, 2018

Prospective adults of sperm/egg donation, please listen. I’m a DC child and growing up without knowing my father has destroyed me. It has given me depression, anxiety, abandonment issues, “daddy issues” and just every day sadness. I personally think that Anonymous sperm and egg “donation” should be illegal. I know you want that perfect little baby who is biologically yours, but that baby is also 50% some stranger that you and they will never ever get to meet. They will resent you for signing away their rights to meet their father/mother. Adopting a child is so much better for everyone. The pain that I feel every day knowing that my life was already planned and decided before I was even born breaks me. Please do your research of the statistics of what happens to DC children as they grow up. “MY DADDY’S NAME IS DONOR” is a must read study that’s free online (PDF). Please, don’t bring another depressed, confused, resentful person into this world just because you want a biological baby. They might wish they were never even born.