Submitted on: August 3, 2015

You are not my father? Then what the hell are you? I know you are a man that thought you were giving wanna-be moms the greatest gift of all, but that damn well makes you my father. You are so right when you say that children like me are “so much more wanted,” and that right there is the reason I keep my feelings to myself. My mom payed thousands of dollars for my creation, so for me to just tell her that I want to know where half of my DNA has originated, for me to tell her that I want to look the man that is my biological father in the eyes, for me to want more than just her in my life, it’s wrong. She spent so much money because she knew that a child of her own would make her happiest, but how happy can an unhappy child make her? Yeah, I don’t have a second (social) parent of any sort to embrace, so where does that leave people from single parent households in your flawed logic? You are telling me that my half siblings are not truly my half siblings because they are not living with me in my home? A family is so much more than some simple home. And maybe I’m not some accident of a child, but that doesn’t change anything. I am sorry, but my mom’s infinite love will never compensate for the fact that my biological father was a mystery. So congratulations 120S, it’s official, donors like you (and probably mine too) are why everything is so fucked up. I just wish things could be normal. I just wish I wouldn’t have to freak out and make a lame excuse in a casual conversation with anyone and everyone when they start asking about family. It’s people like you that are the reason I am this way. You are a biological father as a donor, you have tons and tons of children that have half of your DNA, and you are the reason nothing for me can ever fully be normal. Instead of telling someone in my shoes to embrace how they were brought into this world, I hope now you can embrace your own stupidity.