RE: Maybe the Grass is Greener….

Submitted on: August 6, 2014

You could have been raped!

Yes, yes I could have. Thank goodness I hadn’t been.

You could’ve been abused!

Yes, yes I could have been. There are many cases where such cryo children are. Did you read about the donor girl who was abandoned by her social father in a divorce, and sexually harassed by her stepfather? Interesting read.

Had you even heard about that case in Australia, where a loving gay couple who “just wanted to be fathers”, paid a surrogate and egg donor to have a child that they used in almost 200 porn videos, and so they could sell him around the world on a gay pedophile network, as a sex slave? They even bragged about how they had been having sex with him from the time he was a toddler. No one even knew it was going on, because the boy was trained what and what not to say to outsiders by his loving fathers, even to the faces of the news casters who had filmed this loving innocent family in the promotion of gay surrogacy.

You know what’s funny? When people undermine how cryo kids feel with rape and abuse, unaware that there are cryo children who have been raped and abused.

You know what’s also funny? When people try to vouch for the cryo kids’ social parents, when they are completely unaware what it’s like to grow up knowing their parents abandoned them for money to strangers, and their human life was a business service, just like buying furniture.

Two wrongs certainly do not make a right. It just makes more emotionally and physiologically damaged children who are not considered, and not respected.

Do you know what it’s like to grow up in a home where you long and crave for the attention of the ‘man who gave you life’ but your lesbian parents’ militant gay politics says that “Children don’t need moms and dads. All they need is love! And anyone who disagrees is anti-gay bigot”?

Do you know what it’s like traded for money, lied to in the face of your mother and social father for their benefit, and then having to bottle up these feelings of mourning for the birthfather who never loved you, and wants nothing to do with you, an entire family who doesn’t know you exist, and dozens of half-siblings you’ll never know?

Of course you don’t.

If you wish you had lesbian moms or a singled mom and a anonymous father, all fine well and good. You can legally divorce and disown your parents and all your family, and try to get adopted by a lesbian couple or a singled mother. But please don’t try to use yourself as an example of how donor offspring should feel, and how grateful we should feel about being the commercialized goods of a business service.

You have NO idea how it feels to be one. You feel like an object, and there is no dehumanizing feeling like that that in the world.

Maybe it’s not by your intention, but you’re coming across as if you’re only thinking of yourself. And if you feel the cryo offspring are thinking the of themselves too, please consider that the people on this site are hiding their identity so it won’t hurt the feelings of their parents. Please consider some of these kids have been rejected/exiled from their families simply for wanting to know their fathers. Please consider that their loving parents separated their donor offspring from their anonymous families and lied to them for the parents’ benefit. And please consider that most cryo offspring do not go publicly about their feelings, all so the infertile or gay or single adults can get everything they want, at the expense of their children.

Lastly you’re entirely mistaken, we CAN do something about the past. We can BETTER the future and make things better for our children in future generations, based on the mistakes we made in the past. One way is to stop making using the “no childhood is perfect”speech to EXCUSE doing things that have an entirely probable chance of ruining the life of your children. Like using a sperm donor, for instance. And hey, you shouldn’t be too upset about that. You said it yourself “genes don’t mean love”. Great! Adopt then, since genes don’t matter.