Submitted on: July 16, 2015

I want to clear some things up.

1). We are very much an object. You sold your sperm to a cryobank that profits billions of dollars from the parent(s) that buy their products. Our conception came out of money.

2). We lack resources. The one fundamental resource that we do not have access to is our family history/medical history/biological origins. One of the most priceless of resources that we are denied.

3). On the contrary, we have MORE siblings. We have several unknown siblings that, under the law, we have no right to know. Do you understand that loss? Of not knowing aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, siblings, a dad/mom?

4). I have heard way too many stories where a DC child IS neglected by their social father. “Standard children” are also neglected. Your statement is wrong.

5). My dad’s family IS my paternal family. Genes don’t lie.

6). You can’t try to tell us or anyone who our true family is.

7). I WAS given up. My dad signed away any right to knowing me or having any presence in my life.

8). I exist because a profiting cryobank industry brainwashed my mom into thinking that anonymous “donation” was okay; the baby would be a perfect child. I exist because a man sold his sperm to an industry that told him he was doing something selfless. I exist in this way because of the choices of others that did not consider my rights at all.

9). We are a marginalized group that have no ground to advocate for our rights in the public space, without being invalidated and quieted by people like you. That is not love.

10). This is not a phase. This is what we have to live through for the rest of our lives. Please be considerate when talking about our situation and don’t assume our feelings. I will end with your own advice: “Try not to hurt the people that love you.”