Research project on (de)anonymized gamete donation in Britain

Submitted on: July 21, 2016

My name is Amelie and I’m a Ph.D.-student at the University of Bremen, Germany. For my dissertation in cultural anthropology I’m working on an exciting project that looks at anonymized gamete donation and how regulations regarding anonymity in this field are being challenged and transformed. I’m interested in the activities, experiences and perspectives of different actors in the field. I’m especially interested in donor-conceived persons themselves, and would like to explore their roles in this process. I will conduct two empirical case studies for my research- one in Britain, one in Germany.

The aim of my project is not to test a hypothesis, but rather to generate one during the actual research process. I will therefore not work with questionnaires that contain pre-defined categories, but instead with open, semi-structured interviews. The idea is basically to give you (after all, YOU are the experts on your own lives) the chance to bring up your own topics that you believe are important when thinking about anonymity and openness in gamete donation.

I’m currently in the process of preparing my case study in Britain, where I will be conducting research from mid-September until January 2017. I’m looking for donor-conceived persons aged 18+ living in Britain (ideally in England) who either grew up knowing about the circumstances of their conception, or who found out later in life and who are willing to share their stories. All personal information will of course be anonymized in order to ensure data protection. Please contact me at or via 0049-(0)421-218-67647 should you be interested in my project, wish to participate or just would like to receive more information before you make up your mind.

Thank you so much for your support, and hopefully see you soon in Britain!