Step Daughter Born through Egg donation

Submitted on: August 8, 2019

Egg Donation…funny term..when I think of the word donation, I think of giving something away for free and not profiting monetarily. I am a step mother to a now 4 year old girl that was born through egg donation. Her birth mom was too old to have anymore children at 46….my now husband was 10 years younger than her. He married her while she was 8 months pregnant with his son that was born stillborn due to the umbilical cord. She couldn’t get pregnant after that and it was his mission to have a child of his own (she had 2 teenagers from a previous marriage) now that he was married to her. Talk about playing God…. they were never really in it for love or the right reasons and he was never faithful to her. Low and behold they had problems and fights and she was over raising a baby at her age. They divorced 2 years later. They said they planned on never telling their daughter the truth nor do her older brother and sister know…but all of their relatives,friends and even neighbors know. If you have 70K doctors will let you do this despite your age,relationship history, mental health etc..Its so WRONG. Throughout the divorce and still it has got ugly. The mother shouting at the dad…come get your kid, she’s not even mine! The mother is now a full blown alcoholic that has never really taken proper care of their daughter and has even had cases with DCF for child neglect. God said no to them and their situation several times….but they selfishly FORCED their choices through otherwise. Now as her step mother I watch this dysfunctional relationship unravel and have no say so…I encourage my husband to tell her the truth or at least plant the seed…especially with all of these 23 and me and becoming so popular. Its a very frustrating situation and position for me to be in…everyone is effected by these careless idiots decisions to play God just because they have the money..