To the Donor Egg Recipient wth (not so) deep thougths..

Submitted on: December 14, 2014

I found your letter agressive and simply arrogant. Just because YOU wanted to become a parent, you feel entitled to say others to get over their natural desire to know who they are genetically. Why didn’t you just get over not being able to conceive with your own cells and enjoy your life as it was? Why didn’t you just stay happy and redefine yourself, simply coming to terms with the brutal reality – you cannot conceive, period, but still there are many things one can do with their life for fulfillment, it’s not obligatory to have kids at all.
I know how hard it is not to know half of your ancestry. Yes, one can live with it. No, it’s not simply “one cell” I’m missing. I have a suggestion – think a bit deeper next time.