With love, 120S

Submitted on: January 19, 2015

Your ‘gift’ wasn’t necessarily consensual to those who were the product of your donation. It is important to remember that you didn’t give away blood, or a kidney, or a old pair of jeans, you fathered children and decided not to raise them. To let them into the hand of the strangers you procreated with, and their infertile partners. It’s impossible to donate your fatherhood to another couple, or singled person. What you’re doing is allowing yourself to father a child with a woman, and allowing her partner to pretend to be the biological parent. What does this treat the child like? A object in the parents life to make the parents happy, a ‘present’ to someone who can’t conceive, a object that can be donated and traded around? We have to stop looking at children like they’re just objects in their parents world, we simply have to.

It isn’t fair for a child to be told to put up with the fact that they’re cut off from their paternal family, and their half-brothers and sisters, because you gave them up as a charity to another couple. How do you think it may feel to them? That you have biological kids of your own, but you disown them because you personally didn’t want them? It’s dehumanizing. Please consider that when you’re trying to pat yourself on the back for being a ‘good donor’.